About Us


Our Story

We started out as a modest website called Accidental Impacts and over the past decade grew to reach a worldwide audience. In 2019 we became a not-for-profit corporation in the State of California, and in 2022 we changed our name and became The Hyacinth Fellowship. We are the only organization worldwide serving the needs of those who have unintentionally killed or seriously injured other people.


Our Mission

The Hyacinth Fellowship helps those who have unintentionally killed or seriously injured others.

What We Do

Our Core Activities

  • Service to others — Offering and encouraging peer support
  • Outreach – Letting people know they are not alone; raising awareness about this trauma in society at large
  • Education – Providing information to those who cause harm, their family/friends, professionals, and society at large
  • Deepening insight and understanding about this trauma – Gathering lessons learned derived from research, observation, personal stories, discussion, and reflection
  • Networking – Promoting the development of a wide network of mutual aid fellowships of and for those who have unintentionally harmed others.

Our Commitments

  • We treat others and ourselves with compassion, honesty and integrity.
  • We approach our work with optimism for ourselves and others, recognizing that healing and growth are possible for all.
  • We accept responsibility for our past actions and for our current healing and growth.
  • We recognize that healing is spiritual, psychological, and physical.
  • We recognize community as a source of support for ourselves and others; we commit to building community with and among those we serve.
  • We recognize that unintentional harm carries significant repercussions for individuals and society; we approach our work with commitment and seriousness of purpose. 

Our Values


We accept responsibility for our mistakes, and we recognize the circumstances that were beyond our personal control. We commit to changing risky behaviors.



We treat ourselves and others with kindness. We recognize that healing requires understanding.


We are not alone. We allow ourselves to receive and give support to others. We strive to create safer and more caring communities. By helping to make the world a better place, we transform pain to purpose.

Contact Us

Reach out to us to learn more about how The Hyacinth Fellowship is helping people across the US to recover, learn, grow, and thrive.