Accountability means that we accept responsibility for choices or actions that were within our control. Taking a life or causing harm to another is tragic. We encourage you to think deeply about why this happened, what if anything you need to change about your own behavior and choices, and what you want to do in response.


What We Mean by Responsibility

For some of us, mistakes, negligence or impairment led to the accident that killed or injured someone. Others of us were not at fault. Sometimes questions of blame or fault are unclear and subject to interpretation. The Hyacinth Fellowship is open to you so long as you did not intend harm and are seeking a supportive community.

Reflections on Accountability and Responsibility

What You Can Do

Do your best to accurately appraise your level of responsibility for this accident. Accepting responsibility does not mean indiscriminately heaping blame all over ourselves. It means that we face ourselves, with integrity and courage. If you were at fault for the accident, make the changes that are needed to reduce the chances of another accident. If you were not at fault, consider if you are blaming yourself needlessly. It can be frightening to recognize the limits of our control over ourselves and our world.

Explore Your Beliefs

Some believe that accidents are God’s will. Some believe they result from unconscious wishes, karma, or even something that happened in a past life. And some believe they are the result of chance or random events. The beliefs we hold about why accidents occur affect the way we respond. A popular belief today is that there is no such thing as an accident. We invite you to consider how your beliefs affect your feelings and responses. Are they creating obstacles to accepting compassion and support? If so, it might be time to examine them further.

From Our Participants

“I just want his family to know how deeply regretful I am for what I did and that I accept responsibility. I can’t seem to get the “what ifs” out of my head.” 

“I was looking at my phone and hit the car in front of me. I feel so awful. I feel like I don’t deserve anything I have in life because of what I’ve done.” 

“I clung to the fact that I was not at fault, but I couldn’t stop blaming myself anyway. I was responsible for a child’s death.”

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