Our Process

We Realize You Are Suffering

Unintentionally killing or seriously injuring someone is among the most profound traumas one can experience. In an instant our lives are forever changed. We question our fundamental goodness and wrestle with disruptive symptoms of acute and posttraumatic stress.

You Can Get Through This

Although you may feel like you will never get over this, you can feel better and make peace with yourself. This accident does not define who you are. What happened does not make you a bad person. What you did is not the same as who you are.

The Journey Back to Peace

There is Every Reason for Hope and Optimism

You are starting a journey back to peace. It is not a journey you wanted, and it is not an easy trip, but we are confident that you will find your way. Let others help you. Those of us who belong to The Hyacinth Fellowship are also on this journey and we support each other along the way. As you follow your path, self-compassion will overcome self-punishment, connection will replace loneliness, and a newfound strength will triumph over despair.

4 Elements to Healing

Healing after unintentionally killing or seriously injure someone involves four elements. We do not move through them in stages or phases; rather, we continually circle back to one or another. Think of them as the tools you carry with you on your journey to peace: (1) Understanding and coping with trauma and moral injury, (2) Accepting accountability, (3) Finding compassion for yourself and others, and (4) Allowing yourself to be part of a community. 

Our Values


We accept responsibility for our mistakes, and we recognize the circumstances that were beyond our personal control. We commit to changing risky behaviors.



We treat ourselves and others with kindness. We recognize that healing requires understanding.


We are not alone. We allow ourselves to receive and give support to others. We strive to create safer and more caring communities. By helping to make the world a better place, we transform pain to purpose.

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