It’s Time to Plant

The Hyacinth Fellowship started from humble beginnings in a Santa Monica, California condo by the heart and hands of Maryann Jacobi Gray. She built a website with the help of her personal trainer, friends, and colleagues to see this dream of a virtual refuge for people with a shared experience. She began to write blogs, articles, research, and lend her voice to universities, media, newspapers, and lawmakers, but more importantly, she responded to the people. She served faithfully, and the universe brought her helpers (aka board members) who shared her vision and passion.

The hyacinth flower is used in many cultures to symbolize human emotions, but what it’s known for is a distinct fragrance that makes it a star of the garden. Our small fellowship reaches the world with hundreds of hits on a given day because the need is great. We are at a place where it is time to grow, to reach more people, and we are looking for kind-hearted people who are able to lend their skills and share their talents to this incredible organization.

We have volunteer opportunities and budding programs that we want to start, but we need more hands to make it work. We are inviting you to join us, help us grow to meet the needs of people living life after tragedy. If you’ve thought about getting more involved, now is the time to dive in. There is a thriving community here, deeper than a resourceful website, but friendship, support, care, and inspiring conversations.

Are you interested in writing and serving as a penpal to those incarcerated? Is there a message on your heart you’d like to share for the blog? Do you have a knack for fundraising, experience in outreach, or expertise in marketing, public speaking, social media? It’s time to sow the seeds with the hope of growth for the Hyacinth Fellowship.

If any of these volunteer opportunities mentioned spark an interest, please reach out to We can’t wait to see you at one of our Sunday fellowships!

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