A Podcast Episode on Unintentional Harm

Friends, after years of knowing and developing deep appreciation and even love for you, I was inspired to write and produce a podcast episode to highlight a typical event we hear about in our Fellowship. It’s called Deodand. I know, it’s an odd word, but as you listen to this episode it will make sense. And it will remind us that unintentional harm has been with us for a long, long time. And that we can rebound from our fatal mistakes and perhaps live somewhat healthy and happy lives.
This episode highlights a real-life episode of unintentional death, a fatal mistake made by an Ohio teen, that led to sadness, anger, and eventually a kind of redemption that you may be able to relate to.
I’d really appreciate your feedback in our comments, you can find this hour-long episode here – https://www.youtube.com/@ChrisYaw/podcasts
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5 months ago

I’ve had this open in my browser for a while and only just got around to listening to it. Such a poignant and pertinent story, it brought tears to my eyes more than once. And a really well made podcast too, thanks Chris.

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